How long is the evening event? 2.5 hours start to finish for an evening event.

Can we do this event as a Saturday retreat instead of an evening event? YES! It would be a 9:00 AM-12:30 PM event (or we can stretch it out if you want a lunch break). We are flexible.

What days of the week can we book? We are open for booking in the fall of 2019 (Thursday - Saturdays from August 1st- December 14th). Please let us know what dates you prefer and we can let you know if those are available.

What is the structure of the event? We have a detailed outline of the evening event listed for you HERE. We have a detailed outline for the Saturday morning retreat HERE.

What church are the speakers from? Lauren Lucille attends a non-denominational bible church called Gateway church in Southlake, TX. Britni Bryan attends Southside Baptist Church in Lufkin, TX. Michelle Discavage attends Live Oak Community Church in Lubbock, TX.

Can I see clips of these speakers? I want to make sure they are a good fit for our church. Yes, we have clips of the speakers HERE, plus additional clips on the Meet the Team page. You can also see interviews of the speakers here.

Can I see an exact outline of each speaking session? Yes! Just send that request via email and we will be happy to send you those links. thelaurenlucille@gmail.com

How much does it cost to bring in The Unknown Tour? Booking info can BE FOUND HERE.

Do you provide promo videos we can play at our church and put on social media to promote? Yes! We will provide you with a promotional videos to use at your discretion.

Who provides the sound? The church is responsible for providing all mics & sound equipment, for which we are so grateful!

Who provides the instrument for the worship leader and fun music? We do! A: We will bring one guitar, one keyboard and one drum (stand alone drum that does not need to be piped into a system). We only have 2 instruments that need to be piped into a sound system.

Will you provide slides for the worship music? Yes, we will email them to you prior to the event.

How many are on the team? There are four of us.

Do you need to rehearse before the event starts? We request an hour in the space before the event starts to do sound check and run through songs on both instruments.

Will you be selling merchandise? Yes! Michelle Discavage will have her signed book (Unnamed Women Of The Bible) and Lauren will have “Faith Over Fear” t-shirts available for sale.

Will you need anything to set up for that? We would appreciate 2 tables and 2 chairs for the book and shirts to be set up at the event. We will bring our own table cloths.

How many will be leading worship? Jordan Danielle will be leading worship with a guitar and 2 back up vocalists (Lauren and Britni), so we will need three mics during worship.

Who provides the hotel for the team? The hiring Church is responsible for housing the team either the night before or after the event. We can stay in a hotel or host homes from the congregation. Either one is great with us!

What if we want our own team to lead worship at the beginning of the event? Every church has their own culture and favorite worship songs, so yes! If you’d like to have your church lead worship the first 15 minutes of the event, please just let us know!

Anything else we need to be aware of? We will need a place to do a quick change during the event (Rhonda and Shonda- who are characters played by Lauren and Britni). Back stage or behind a sheet works for us, lol. We aren’t picky.

Who is responsible for promoting this event to our church? All churches are responsible for promoting the event to their own church. We will, however be providing you with a promo video and graphic to use on your social media, church screens and at your discretion.

Do we need to pay a deposit to hold the event? No, we can collect that upon the conclusion of the event.

Anything I need to know? You are an answer to prayer. Thank you for trusting us with the hearts of your women. We don’t take that privilege lightly and we are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your ministry.