✅ Print out the fold-able PDF per attendee that was emailed to you. If you need it again, you can find the FRONT HERE and the BACK HERE. This can be printed on one page (front and back) and folded.

✅ Optional: if you would an “order of events” PDF that so your guests know the order of events for your particular, please let me know and I’ll email a PDF to you.

✅ Optional speaker outline to print out for your church guests: Unknown Speaker Outline link HERE. This is available because we’ve had requests for it. Feel free to print or pass on it, depending on what works for your church event!


✅ Five tables in the lobby set out for: SHOPPING! WAHOO!

  • #1 - Michelle Discavage - her books table (prices range from $9.99- $20.00)

  • #2- Brave table: this will be t-shirts in multiple styles, necklaces and bracelets (prices range from $18.00-$28.00)

  • #3- Compassion International table ($38 to sponsor a child)

  • #4- Jordan Danielle music table + her t-shirts ($15 shirts)

  • #5- Feedback Table: this will be a table where we will have feedback forms. We would love to have this table near where guests will exit the event.

  • If your church is currently doing a clothing drive, selling baked goods, or you have other vendors you’d like to add to the lobby, feel free to please set up an additional table with us!

  • We will bring all materials and tablecloths for the four tables

  • VOLUNTEERS; If you have 3-4 ladies who love to serve, we would be so grateful to have them volunteer at the tables and we will make sure they walk away with a small gift (example: free necklace, book or t-shirt) as a huge thank you!!


✅ Assign sound person for the event.

✅ Send sound person THE LINK TO SEND THE SLIDES.

✅ Send sound person the FLOW CHART FOR THE SLIDES.

✅ Sound - we will please need:

  • 3 wireless hand held mic & stands

  • 1 wireless mic for the speaker (ear mic)

    • If you have 2 happen to have 2 wireless ear mics, we will use them! One for Lauren Lucille through the entire event (she moved around a lot) and one for Britni and Michelle when they speak

  • 1 music stand

  • We will need to plug in one guitar and a keyboard into the sound system

  • Please let us know if you don’t have these and we will be happy to work around what’s available. We are bringing 3 instruments on stage (guitar/singer + keyboard/singer + single drum/singer). These instruments and mics will stay on stage throughout the event and the speakers will speak in front of the instruments.

  • 1 podium on stage for the speakers (this will be moved to the side of the stage and back to center stage, by us, several times)


✅ Set up- we are bringing:

  • 2 stand alone/retractable “Unknown Tour” banners that we will set on either side of the entrance doors

  • An 8x8 backdrop for the lobby that has positive words all over it such as faith, fearless and loved. This is the perfect picture backdrop for the ladies attending! If you happen to have any chairs, plants or decorations you would like to put next to it, or around it, great! If not, it will stand alone great as it is.

  • Other than that, however you want to decorate, or not decorate the stage, and outside space is fabulous!


  • We will please need a dressing room close to the stage. We aren’t picky! Any room with a closed door works great for us. :)

    Please make sure you have my phone number in your phone for the weekend of your event! Lauren Lucille- 917-334-9709.

    Thank you so much for your hard work on promoting this event. We can’t wait to see you soon! :) We are so grateful for the privilege of being able to come to your congregation!