Slide Flow For The Unknown Tour + Info on The Event For The Amazing Sound Person

  • Countdown Clock: If your church has a countdown clock, please apply it here to count down to the beginning of the event.

  • Slide #1: Welcome Slide (please have this up before people enter)

    1. Welcome By Host Church Women’s Minister (emcee mic)

    2. Welcome by Michelle Discavage and introducing Jordan

    • Jordan Stifle

  • Slide #2 Rhonda & Shonda (please don’t put this up until we both get on the stage, not while we are talking from the audience) As we start to walk on stage- play “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper and stop at 1:27.

  • Slide #3 & #4: questions from the audience - we will cue these slides

  • Slides #5 Jordan Danielle (when she starts to introduce worshup

  • Worship Slides

  • Slides #27: Jordan Danielle “Battle cry” solo song (1 mic)

    • Conclusion of song: Michelle Discavage introduces Britni Bryan(1 mic)

  • Slide #28: Britni Bryan session 1(wireless mic) - 25 minute talk

  • Slides #29: on cue- this will be a 10 minute block Lauren Lucille explain what’s on the tables in the lobby

  • Slide #30: Michelle Discavage on cue

  • Slide #31: Intermission slide (please put up a countdown clock to indicate when we will start up again. Since each event is different, please reference your schedule for intermission end time or ask Lauren upon arrival). Please play any uptempo worship song over the sound system during the break.

  • Slide #32 Lauren Lucille

  • Slide #33 Song: “Read My Mind”

  • Slide #34 Song: “Toddler King”

  • Slide #35: Song: I’ve tried every diet, girl

  • Slice #36: Michelle Discavage slide while she speaks

    • Youtube video (she will cue it at the beginning of her talk) VIDEO LINK

  • Slide #37-44

    • Jordan Danielle will come out and play the guitar during the 10 minute discussion time at the end of Michelle’s talk if you are Saturday morning event

  • Slide #45- 51: Lauren Lucille slides while she takes the stage

    • Lauren Lucille will end at the piano

    • Prior to the end, Britni Bryan and Jordan Danielle will join Lauren Lucille, singing

    • Michelle Discavage will grab the emcee mic at the conclusion of the song “My Only Hope” and pray while the piano plays behind it.

  • Slide #35 Thanks for coming slide after Michelle prays and dismisses everyone

NOTE: 4 wireless hand held mics and one wireless mic for the speakers is what we will please need. If you don’t have those options, please let us know and we will happily figure out a work around!

Thank you so much for doing the slides for this event, we appreciate YOU SO VERY MUCH!