The Unknown Tour is a one night, 2.5 Hour Event of Comedy, Music & Speakers


who get real about what it means to choose faith over fear in the unknown, an unforgettable event!


What to Expect

GETTING WARMED UP: Either a comedian or Rhonda & Shonda (characters played by Britni Bryan and Lauren Lucille) will open the event with fun!

WORSHIP: Worship Music by Jordan Danielle

SESSION ONE - PACKING FOR THE UNKNOWN: Britni Bryan speaks on the essentials that we need to pack for the journey through the unknown in our lives.


ENTERTAINMENT: Comedy & parody songs about life as a mom, wife and woman.

SESSION TWO - SEASON OF THE UNKNOWN: Michelle Discavage speaks on trusting God as we wait for His promises.

SESSION THREE - FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN: Lauren Lucille talks about what it looks like to choose faith over fear and closes out the evening with song and prayer.