About The Unknown Tour

The Unknown Tour is a one night, powerful event packed with worship, fun music & speakers for churches. This women’s event came about when Lauren Lucille was sitting at Chick-Fil-A…asking God, “What’s next? I’m so afraid I’ll miss it, Lord. Please tell me what’s next.”

At that moment, while wrangling her kids and trying hard to resist the extra fries her kids didn’t eat… God plopped into her head, “The Unknown Tour.” Lauren immediately had a picture of herself and 2 other speakers blending speaking, music and a little theater into a night of encouragement for women. Lauren’s second thought was “why ‘The Unknown Tour?’ That’s funny, Lord…is it because nobody knows us?! LOL.”

As she sat there telling her kids to stop licking the floor and wrestling on the tables, God spoke to her heart about how so many of us are fearful of the unknown. It can paralyze us and stop us from fulfilling our callings. The enemy uses the unknown to tempt us to doubt God, to stay in our chains of the past and to never walk into the promised lands that were intended for us. Lauren, who used to travel on stages around the country as an equity actress out of NYC, has now moved to a different stage… onto the stages of churches, embracing the unknown with a team of speakers who also have a heart to boldly encourage women to choose faith over fear.

As a result of that day in Chick-fil-A, we present to you… The Unknown Tour