Thank you so much for your consideration in bringing The Unknown Tour to your church! Below you will find the cost of the event for churches with an expected audience of up to 75.

Cost of Event= $350

Travel Expenses If In Driving Range of 6 hours of Fort Worth, TX = $100

Total = $450

Cost of the event includes:

  • Worship

  • Entertainment

  • 3 speakers

  • 3 promotional videos to use at your church and social media channels at your discretion. Links provided upon booking.

  • Optional brochure link you can print and pass out to the attendees on the evening of the event (we recommend doing this so those attending the event can have information about the speakers and the event).

  • This does not include flights, gas or hotel stay if your location is beyond 300 miles of Dallas/Ft.Worth. We are happy to stay in a host home from someone from the congregation and/or drive if we can get there within 6 hours from Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX.

    Thank you again for trusting us with the women of your congregation. We don’t take that privilege lightly!