A Turn Key Event For Your Women’s Ministry


The Unknown Tour is a turn key event for your women’s ministry. A powerful and fun time packed with worship, comedy, music and 3 speakers who get real about what it means to choose faith over fear with practical applications. If you have an annual retreat, let us come in and provide everything you need including worship, music, shopping, entertainment and speakers for an unforgettable event!


What to Expect

(3 hour event- can be stretched or compacted):

GETTING WARMED UP: Rhonda & Shonda (characters played by Britni Bryan and Lauren Lucille) open the event with fun!

WORSHIP: Worship Music by Jordan Danielle

SESSION ONE - PACKING FOR THE UNKNOWN: Britni Bryan speaks on the essentials that we need to pack for the journey through the unknown in our lives.


ENTERTAINMENT: Comedy & parody songs about life as a mom, wife and woman.

SESSION TWO - SEASON OF THE UNKNOWN: Michelle Discavage speaks on trusting God as we wait for His promises.

SESSION THREE - FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN: Lauren Lucille talks about what it looks like to choose faith over fear and closes out the evening with song and prayer.