✅ Slide flow chat = FLOW CHART FOR THE SLIDES (includes worship songs and Youtube links). If your church does not have a CCLI membership and cannot pull up the worship songs, just please let us know and we have alternate plans available)

✅Sound - we will please need:

  • 3 wireless hand held mics

  • 3 mic stands

  • 1 wireless mic for the speaker (ear mic)

    • If you have 2 happen to have 2 wireless ear mics, we will use them! One for Lauren Lucille through the entire event (she moved around a lot) and one for Britni and Michelle when they speak

  • 1 music stand

  • We will need to plug in one guitar and a keyboard into the sound system

  • Please let us know if you don’t have these and we will be happy to work around what’s available. We are bringing 3 instruments on stage (guitar/singer + keyboard/singer + single drum/singer). These instruments and mics will stay on stage throughout the event and the speakers will speak in front of the instruments.

  • 1 podium on stage for the speakers (this will be moved to the side of the stage and back to center stage, by us, several times)

Thank you so much, we are so grateful for YOU!