Testimonials about The Unknown Tour Team

“Lauren Lucille is a pure delight, and she doesn’t disappoint! She is so full of joy that you can’t help but feel happy when you are around her! Guests still talk about how her sessions resonated with them. Lauren is gifted in encouraging and teaching others. I highly recommend including Lauren Lucille at your next event!” -Kim Beutel, Women’s Ministry Coordinator of Light of the World Church 

“Michelle Discavage has an incredible gift for delivering God’s truth. She is relatable and totally hilarious. When she speaks it’s like you are just having coffee with a long-time girlfriend. Her words bring strength, comfort, encouragement and wisdom. She is truly anointed.” -Tracy McGee, Founder of All Your Heart Ministries

“I’ve known Britni Bryan for over 3 years and she is a mom, a musician, a minister to women. She has a great sense of humor that radiates as she speaks. Her depth in Christ is real. She craves the growth of a true believer in Christ. And that becomes contagious to all she is influencing.” Becky Brown, Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Southside Baptist Church, Lufkin, TX

“Jordan Danielle could not be a more perfect fit to lead worship on the Unknown Tour. As beautiful as she is on the outside, she is even more so on the inside. Jordan radiates with love for Jesus. Through him, she is one of the most patient and loving people you could ever know. She is always prepared with kindness, generosity, and compassion for anyone that comes to her in need, be it a friend, one of her second-grade students, or even a stranger in passing. Despite her apparent gift for music, she remains humble, giving all glory to the one responsible for giving her everything. She is a joy to all who know her.” - Praise Team Member of First Baptist of Fort Worth

Lauren Lucille is dynamic, spirited, women of God.  Lauren will bring you joy and encouragement in your walk wherever you are! Her special incite will bring you hope and make you laugh all at the same time!”- Janice Garner, former A&M church of Christ Women’s Ministry Coordinator

Michelle was a joy to hear speak! Her ability to relate her personal story with the gospel and convey it in such a way that everyone in attendance understands is utterly amazing. She doesn’t hold anything back, from her tears or laughter to her telling you what being a broke-down-home-girl really means. She speaks truth with authority but without judgement. I am grateful I got to hear what she has to say.” Erica Simon, Wife, mama, Young Life leader & blogger at lifeattheclubhouse.com