Please pass this on to your sound and lighting staff. If your event starts later, please let us know and we will send you an updated timeline for your church event. We will do our best to run a tight schedule and respect the time of those attending! For your sound person: we will have one guitar and one keyboard that need to be piped through the sound system. We will also have one stand alone drum that will not be piped through the sound system. We will need 4 mics. Thank you so much!


4:00PM- 5:00PM: The Unknown Tour Speakers sound check and run songs (host church’s sound person will need to be present)

5:30PM Doors Open (this is at your discretion, this is just a suggestion)

6:00PM: Opening introduction from host church

6:05PM -6:15PM Worship by Jordan Stifle

6:15-6:45 Getting Warmed Up: Rhonda and Shonda(characters played by Britni Bryan and Lauren Lucille) hop on stage, their 80’s theme song needs to please be played over the sound system by the host church’s sound person + music by Lauren Lucille, Jordan Stifle and Britni using a keyboard and drum (keyboard will need to be piped through the sound system)

6:45-6:50The Unknown”- Song By Jordan Stifle (solo song with one mic and one guitar)

6:50-7:20 Session 1 - “Packing For The Unknown with Britni Bryan

7:20 - 7:30 Connection Time & Bathroom Break (music playing over sound system in the background)

7:30- 8:00 Session 2- “Season of the Unknown” with Michelle Discavage

8:00-8:30 Session 3 The Fear Of The Unknown” with Lauren Lucille

8:25-8:30 Closing Spoken Word with Lauren, Britni, Jordan & Michelle (we will need 4 mics live for this), Closing Prayer and Dismissal



The following will be email to you before your event:

1) Rhonda and Shonda intro song

2) Speaking outlines for each speaker with slides (to put up on screens )will be sent over prior to the event. You can forgo the slides if you choose to.